Globe Athletix Coat

Sandry Fire Supply

Less Bulky, Softer, and More Adjustable Collar

Interfaces better with hood and helmet and reduces head restriction

Stretch Panels

In the thermal barrier work with the stretch outer shell to provide maximum range of motion and minimum restriction

Elasticized Side Panels

Provide flexible, more athletic fit at the waist

Articulated Elbows

For body-contoured fit with minimum restriction

DRD Opening in the Collar

Takes bulk out of the upper back and allows better access above the SCBA

Overlapping Front Closure with Optional Zippergripper

To reduce bulk and permit quicker and easier donning and doffing


Cargo Pockets with Grip Tabs

For quicker and easier access to all your stuff in the minimum amount of time

MORE STREAMLINED DESIGN with vertical seaming reduces oversize in front chest, bulk under SCBA, and stiffness in front closure.

YOCCO DRAG RESCUE DEVICE is easy to deploy when you need it, out of the way when you don’t.

EXTENDED BACK option allows you to choose to extend the back by 3" or 6" for additional overlap and lettering below the SCBA.

LINER ACCESS OPENING allows for easy access between the layers.

Because ATHLETIX is loaded with standard features and the nature of the stretch outer shell fabrics, OPTIONSare limited. Please inquire.

MEN'S & WOMEN'S SIZES: Chest, Length, and Sleeve.

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